SKY at Ayana

Marriage is a very special event, and the location of this union is an important factor in the celebrant’s selection of their venue. Bali’s natural atmosphere and serenity has long held an allure for weddings and other personal events, which can enhance the experience for everyone.

St Legere designed Sky to enhance the experience even further, by creating a dramatic cantilevered deck that seemingly floats 35 meters above the Indian Ocean. The Sky Terrace offers endless ocean, cliffside, and sunset views. While open to the sky, the deck was detailed so it can be transformed with fabric or floral canopies as befit the occasion, keeping the potential 80 guests shaded and comfortable.

To support the functional requirements of any celebration, both small and large, St Legere designed the adjacent cliff-side gardens to allow various needs. These gardens stand alone as a quiet and serene guest experience utilizing the Sky Terrace, with large expanses of lawn and landscaped photo-op nooks. The lawns areas can host a large marquee for several hundred banquet guests, or about a thousand people standing for corporate cocktail receptions or other events. There is also a cliff-edge grassed amphitheater that can host weddings, shows, or other events with the ocean and Bali’s distant volcanoes as the background. An ornate bridge allows not only handicap access to the Sky Terrace, but can serve as a stage for events on either side.

Sky is truly a unique and multi-functional event space, creating unique weddings and events, while creating food and beverage services and profit for the Ayana Resorts.

Photo Captions :

SKY Picture 1
BLENDING WITH NATURE – The cantilevered deck embraced by the cliff-side garden creates a truly unique transition between spatial perceptions and guest’s emotions.

SKY Picture 2
The cantilevered deck is the focal feature of the Sky Gardens, which terraces down to large shaded function lawns, a grassed amphitheatre, with auxiliary facilities for weddings, corporate or large private functions.

Photo Sources : Bramantya

Location : Bali, Indonesia, South East Asia

Type : Resort Facilities

Landscape Scope : Site Planning and Full Design Services